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4 Reasons Why You Need Crew Transportation

Armada Bangsa Services Sdn Bhd | Lydia 11th August 2020


4 Reasons Why You Need Crew Transportation

Crew transportation exists for many reasons. As its name suggests, crew transportations are meant to transport any types of crews to their destinations. There are many kinds of transportation methods used for many motives. Here a just some of the few common crew transportation methods:

• Land transportation
• Sea transportation
• Air transportation

However, here at Armada Bangsa Sdn Bhd, we focus mainly on land transportation. If your business ever needs land transportation, we provide the following means:

• Car
• Van
• Lorry
• 4x4 Pick-Up Truck
• And more

Crew transportation is a lot more important that you think they are. Part and parcel of logistics, here are a few reasons why they are.

Why You Need Crew Transportation

1. Good for huge numbers of crew

It’s good to hire crew transportation services if you have a number of crew to take from point A to point B. You wouldn’t hire Uber or Grab to help with mass transportation, will you? It’s sensible if you hire a crew transportation service to help with as such.

Most modern-day crew transportation services are able to ways to accommodate your transportation requests. It didn’t matter if you have a huge number of people to transport. You may have even just less than 20 people. We are pretty sure they are able to help out.

There are so many kinds of transportation means. Transportation service companies are increasingly becoming more creative with each passing year. Ask and you shall receive. We are pretty sure most transport service companies are able to find ways to accommodate.

2. Helps with transporting bulk items

This comes hand in hand with point #1. It’s only normal that if you are transporting crews from point A to point B that they can bring a lot of things with them. So, don’t be surprise if they bring along huge backpacks, luggage, among other things.

Sometimes crews may bring along industrial tools, gadgets, and other heavy-duty items. That means you will also have to prepare yourself and your company to accommodate such requests.

This is where you will have to provide heavy-duty transports such as lorries to help with the transportation.

3. Travelling through rough terrains

Not all transportation companies provide transportation for rough terrains. Some companies do. We are sure you simply will not hire a regular car to transport crews across mud roads, will you?

Some companies provide such services by offering 4x4 pick-up trucks, 4-wheel drives, and other bigger-powered transports. To stay competitive, most crew transportation service companies already have those ideas in mind.

As such transportation methods need “heavy duty transportations”, it’s normal to hear of such transports providing for both crew and item carriage. There are many reasons why they are needed, but that’s a topic for another time.

4. Made for convenience

Sometimes when you are perusing offshore services, some of it may not provide the complete set of services you are looking for. Here at Armada Bangsa, we provide our clients with comprehensive list of services – and crew transportation is one of them.

We don’t just provide offshore catering services; we also provide you with crew transportation service too. We understand that you may not want to spend time looking for crew transportation services besides your offshore needs, so we provide you with such.

Need crew transportation services? Do not hesitate to contact us today!

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