Armada Bangsa Service - January29, 2018

Custom Clearance

Documentation management of

personnel and manpower work permit to the respective local authority.


Merchandise Handling


Warehouse and Storage


Custom Clearance


Shipment Inspection

Custom Clearance Services

Our staff is well trained and backed with many years of experience to work for you efficiently and effectively. Convenience of the customers is taken care of, by the finalization of the proper documents, procedures etc. And by saving the client from complex administrative procedures. Our services include:

Our Services

We also provide services to apply for a work permit if the crew work permit expired, to be renewed such as:

  • •  Custom Documentation

  • •  Customs Clearance and Handling

  • •  Shipment examination

  • •  Handling of stuffing and de-stuffing of ports

  • •  Goods decrlaration

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