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Marine Storage: Armada Bangsa’s Best Kept Secrets

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Marine Storage: Armada Bangsa’s Best Kept Secrets

Every marine service organizations have storage spaces for their logistics. Regardless of how much storage space your organization has, it seems like it will never be enough. A lot of times, many shipping companies will need to have more storage spaces to store their shipping items.

At Armada Bangsa, we have a provisional storage space for your basic to intermediate storage needs. However, if you need more storage space, you can always discuss with us what storage space you need.

To be fair, oftentimes marine storage will need additional spaces to optimize boat space. Those may be needed for onshore storage spaces too – and for pretty good reasons. Given how there’s an increase in world trade volume, trade barrier reductions, among others, it is pretty obvious that you the additional storage space.

However, if you are just running your regular ship with your average storage space, then here are some ways that you can maximize your storage.

Ways to Maximize Boat Storages

1. Material

Image via Pexels and Pixabay

Your standard and regular boat storage are made of fiberglass. That makes your storage box onboard strong and able to hold solid even in dangerous conditions. However, that does not mean it is without its own problems.

A lot of times these fiberglass containers do not come in 1-piece containers. These containers have seams where leaks can occur. Not forgetting to mention that fiberglass storage tends to be labor intensive. It means that it is intensive to manufacture and needs a special barrier to prevent corrosion. Having said all of that, it also means that it is expensive to make.

There are marine storage boxes made of polyethylene. It’s almost as strong as fiberglass storage boxes and is a slightly cheaper material. Although they are not as strong as fiberglass, they don’t leak as easy. Some polyethylene storage box manufacturers use a special kind of polyethylene that is UV stabilized. These UV stabilized polyethylene storage boxes are able to withstand UV degradation.

UV stabilized polyethylene storage boxes tends to be weatherproof because of its material. It loosely translates into how it is perfect for marine applications. These types of boxes have been tested to withstand knocks and impacts without breaking.

At the same time, both fiberglass and polyethylene storage boxes come with a watertight seal. They both also have stainless steel latches and hinges for waterproofing purposes.

2. Shape

Marine storage boxes have traditionally (and stereotypically) come in rectangular shapes. However, there are also marine storage boxes that comes in different shapes. You get storage boxes that comes in triangular shape, round shapes, square shapes, and whatnot.

It is said that triangular storage boxes are good for utilizing odd nooks when space is really tight onboard. Many seafarers say that triangular boxes are much easier to store. That is as much as it is easy to install and are more versatile.

On the other hand, we are pretty sure that you are looking for a good amount of storage space. If so, we recommend the regular-shaped storage boxes. That means, it is recommended that you choose the rectangular boxes that are butt up against each other nicely.

3. Size Matters

Storage box size matters too. It depends on 2 factors:

  •   • The items that you intent to store
  •   • The number of items you wish to store

Either way both have contributing factors to the storage box’s size. There are certainly a wide range of choices where storage size matters.

If the storage items are smaller in size, then we don’t see why a smaller storage box will be able to accommodate. It’s the same thing when you intend to ship bigger-sized items. Then you will need to have bigger size storage boxes to accommodate that.

Boat storage boxes can have different configurations so you don’t have to worry about being able to fit your items in it. Most modern boxes come with trays for convenient organization. Some may come with double lids for easy access, inbuilt drinks holder or other features to make transportation a breeze.

Storage and Maintainance

Image via Pexels and Pixabay

Storage maintenance is relatively easy and straightforward. Most times for storage boxes that are made from polyethylene or fiberglass are relatively easy to clean. People will just give it a good splash of water and a quick wipe down. This only works if you use your polyethylene or fiberglass storages sans chemical spillage.

If you store chemical items in your polyethylene or fiberglass marine storage boxes, then there will be respective measures in cleaning it out. As there are chemicals involved, you may need to use PPE equipment when clearing the chemical spillage (if any).


The bottom line is that marine storage is pretty much useful when you need the extra storage space. If you are ever out at sea, then the extra box storages will definitely come in useful.

At the same time, if you ever need onshore storage services, Armada Bangsa is willing to accommodate your wishes. Be it temporary or permanent, we are readily here to serve your very maritime storage needs.

Contact us now for your maritime storage needs.

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