Armada Bangsa Service - January29, 2018

Crew Transportation

Crew Transportation Services

We have been providing transportation services for many years. The service is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. These facilities are provided for the convenience of our clients and facilitate each transaction to be as connected as possible. Armada Bangsa Services Sdn Bhd provides comfortable transportation and logistics services for oil, gas and mining industries especially in Miri and Bintulu. Our dispatchers and crew managers are highly trained in caring for workers’ needs when coordinating and scheduling passenger vans and motor coaches. We can move crews of any size across your locations throughout Sarawak.

Our Assets

We provide a variety of transportation services to support oil and gas industry needs. Our transportation assets include:

  • •  Car

  • •  Van

  • •  Lorry

  • •  4x4 Pickup Truck


Compact Car


Sedan Car




5 ton Lorry

Our value is to transport your most valuable cargoes across

seas and oceans safely and effectively

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