Armada Bangsa Service - January29, 2018


Onshore and Offshore Industrial Catering Service with high standard and quality


High Quality, Fresh Ingredients

Our catering services can be tailored to meet the specialised requirements of your offshore/onshore locations - and your employees' needs. Our culinary teams produce enticing menus with innovation, care and simplicity. We offer a tantalising selection of authentic dishes from the west and the east.


A Class Above

Their skills have been developed through years of experience providing solution, tasteful dining experience, and a superb tasting food varieties.Armada Bangsa Service serves customers and client on extensive display of services, regardless the industry sector.

We also use the fres hest ingredients to provide healthy, nutritious options. We take the responsibility to ensure that the raw materials and the cooking process is HALAL compliance.


Professional Personnel Services

Our team consist of experienced and knowledgeable individual polish to the highest quality, from our seasoned catering chefs and professional servers.

This standard coupled with the highest commitment to learn and adapt with client’s needs and meeting requirements has enable Armada Bangsa Services to establish and retain a long-term client relationship.

Excellent and Efficient Catering Service for

the Maritime Industry

The primary services by Armada Bangsa Services is to provide either separately or as a turnkey package are catering services, foods and kitchen supplies, laundry and janitorial services


Our Experience

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Crest Odyssey 2

Name : Crest Odyssey 2
Vessel Type: Offshore Support Vessel
Gross Tonnage : 4938 Ton
Number of Passengers : 132 pax

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Lewek Conqueror

Name : Lewek Conqueror
Vessel Type: Cargo Barge
Gross Tonnage : 10196 Ton
Number of Passengers : 300 pax

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Crest Centurion 2

Name : Crest Centurion 2
Vessel Type: Offshore Supply Ship
Gross Tonnage : 7241 Ton
Number of Passengers : 220 pax

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SMS Discovery

Name : SMS Discovery
Vessel Type: Offshore Supply Ship
Gross Tonnage : 541 Ton
Number of Passengers : 35 pax

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Pegaga Platform

Name : Pegaga Platform
Vessel Type: Offshore Platform
Number of Passengers : 60 pax

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